[Desktop] August 20 – Titalfall 2 Wallpaper

I updated a lot of stuff just check out my twitter but here is a nice new desktop wallpaper 🙂

[Special] No Mans Sky Launches

Be prepared for No Mans Sky with a quick overview on all the content I made for it Phone Wallpapers: |WP1|WP2| PSVita Unlockscreens: |UL1|UL2|UL3| PSVita background: Click Here Desktop Wallpapers (Click on image for full screen in new window)

[Special] Recore – Everything to customize to get ready for launch! :)

Hey guys I am super excited for recore and here is everything you need to customize your Twitter, Desktop, Phone and Playstation Vita! Click for Phone Wallpapers | Wallpaper 1 | Wallpaper 2 | Twitter Header | Click Here | Playstation Vita Background | Click Here | Scroll down for … Continue reading

[PSVITA] August 7 – PSvita Victory Screen Backgrounds

With the Victory Screens I am making some backgrounds, I will release more once all of them are available 🙂

[PSVita] August 6 – Some new backgrounds

Scroll down to view them all 🙂 Enjoy!

[PSVita] August 3 – Background and Unlocker Yooka-Laylee

Enjoy this new PSVita content! 🙂

[Desktop][PC] – August 1 – Hellblade Wallpaper

Enjoy this wallpaper for the upcoming game on pc and ps4. Click on image for full size in new window

[PSVita] July 28 – Assassins Creed series of Backgrounds

Join the Creed with 3 special backgrounds for your favourite handheld, scroll down to find them all.

[Desktop] July 28 – Nioh HD Wallpaper

Click on image for full screen in new window

[PSVita] 25 july – 4 new unlockers

Scroll down to find all new ways to unlock your favourite handheld.

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